Road bike to TT bike fit

A friend of mine is letting me borrow his TT bike for a local stage race. I’ve never ridden a TT bike before and don’t really have time or desire to get a professional bike fit on a bike that isn’t mine. Are there measurements that translate well from my road bike, that I’ve had a fit on, to the borrowed TT bike? If not, where would I start trying to get an “ok” fit on the TT bike? I’m assuming the basics are still the same. Thanks!

My saddle height (BB to top of saddle) is a bit higher for TT bike, but then I have shorter cranks on it too. So that’s a good point of reference. I’m not sure that much else will easily translate.

The main thing is that you will be much further forward in relation to the bottom bracket. The saddle will be further forward and you’ll be perched on the end of it, not comfortably sitting on the wings.

It’s a completely different mindset really, because you’re not “sitting” on the saddle - if you let go the bars, you’d hit your face on the stem! Your whole body is at a different angle.

I think it’s just going to be some trial and error to see what position you can comfortably get power out. But if you want to get a bit mathematical, the following video is a good guide.

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