TT bike fit... advice welcomed

Hey folks,

Any opinions on the following welcome… I know I’m not very low but have IM Wales in 4 weeks which is very hilly. I know I need to get a proper fit but I’ve struggled to find a decent tri fit near home.

Anyway any advice much appreciated!

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Any issues with the current setup?


At four weeks out I’d be much more focused on your comfort level than anything else

If you can sustain your current position for the time you expect to be on the bike then don’t make any changes this close to your event


Doesn’t look bad at all. If anything i’d raise the saddle up just a touch and maybe get a saddle that rolls your hips forward a bit.

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Thanks for such quick replies, no issues really, just lack of confidence in my own fitting abilities.
I’ve only had a tt bike for about 4 months and so it’s still something that I am adapting to. I’ll try raising the saddle a bit :+1:

If it were me, I’d leave the setup in its current configuration, especially if you aren’t having any issues.

4 weeks isn’t that long to adjust to a different position, and that’s assuming that any changes you make are correct.


Yup, looks like a decent fit, and more importantly, if you aren’t having problems… do NOT make changes. As above, 4 weeks is too late to make big changes. And unless you had comfort issues, there is no need to risk breaking something that is working.

I think you should do the event and use it as a data point for potential changes afterwards.


obviously not relevant if you aren’t making any changes and a very very minor detail, but try to get the phone to 90 degrees to the bike and level - all your measurements will be slightly off if not - I think that BikeFastFit has an alignment page.

good luck on the IM


After my bike fit, I found out that switching to a shorter crank (165 mm instead of stock 172.5 mm) was better for me due to tight hamstrings. On the Retul setup, I felt much more powerful with a shorter crank. Downside is that my 172.5 mm Stages L is now rendered unusable :disappointed:

For you, it might be too late to see if a different crank length works better - I think it’s best you wait till after your race to make a change like this. Plus, I don’t race, so I am not too bothered by the loss of sprint power due to a shorter crank arm.


Yeah thanks, actually I have recently changed from 175-170mm and did find an improvement :+1:

I’m going to join the chorus of “don’t change anything now”…but I would ask if you are on your soft tissue, and could shift forward on that saddle. It’s tt saddle I assume?

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It’s an ISM TT saddle, think you’re right in this image I am sat a little further back on soft tissue, I had a long ride on Sunday and havent quite recovered from it yet Haha.

Do you think fit wise I’d be better further forward then? Dont think theres massive room on the rails to go further forward…

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Hard to say…but the foundation of the set up should be built around the best seat position.

Don’t change it now, but it may be as simple as shifting the seat back slightly. This would mean your body position isn’t changed but you are getting on the saddle effectively.


+1 for 165mm cranks.

That will close the hip angle slightly the top of the pedal stroke though.

The idea here is that he’s not perched on the saddle properly now. If he shifts the seat back to correct this, he won’t need to move his body position at all, so the hip angle will be unaffected.

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Oh ok, right. That shows I didn’t read the whole thread.