TT pos bad power

Hi! I been trying to get better at TTs for a while but after a lot of tries with bike setup and trying to spend more time in the position it does not seem to get better. Some days i can push myself more but most of the time i just fade off in power. I have done a few merckx tts and i feel like being in a aggressive position on that bike and power is allot better.
Did a small video of me on the tt bike. The second one is with the road bike.
Happy for any advice. My thought right now is to go higher on the front but its a bit of a hassle on that bike.


What length TTs are you doing and how are you pacing it?

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If I’m reading your post right; you’ll find tons of threads about it on the forum, the difference in power on road v TT bikes. My take on it: the TT bike / position closes your hip angle and you can initially deliver less power but its more aero so should be faster than a road bike. Some folk with training can develop the power and close the gap between road bike power and TT bike power however. There may also be a sweet spot of road/tt bike to deliver optimum power.

Power out of the saddle Vs seated Vs TT position - Training - TrainerRoad

Same power in your TT position as in your Road position. This is how - Equipment - TrainerRoad

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My goal is nationals. This year it was 31k and i think most things i would do is less then that.

Thank you. I do expect to lose some power but i find that i will burn at around 10% less power then at the road. Maybe even more then that, at the road bike i did 340 for over 30min a while back and trying to do 10min intervalls at 300 makes me blow up. The top speed does not seem so far of and that is also annoying…

How are you pacing your efforts? Fading at the end suggests it’s pacing that isn’t working vs a bike fit issue…

I’m probably bad for similar (but mostly for on the Base Bar v On the Poles). I think for me when I see a power number which looks significantly more on the base bar and feels sustainable I stay there too much and it encourages me to hit higher numbers again. Where as on most occasions I should stick to the TT poles and despite it delivering less power be faster.