Different TSS, same source?

Hi there,

Recently I’ve seen a divergence on my TSS as it appears in TrainerRoad and TrainingPeaks from outdoor rides. I’ve read other posts where the issue was different FTP values being set in TrainingPeaks or TrainerRoad, but that isn’t the case here.

For example, on 5/20 I did a ride that TrainerRoad classifies as 120TSS while TrainingPeaks has it as 113TSS. The origin source for both TR & TP is Garmin Connect. All 3 have the same FTP value (306), and have for a number of weeks since my last ramp test.

Any ideas?

I can’t be sure but it is possible that each calculates TSS slightly differently with how it treats non-moving time.

Is NP for the ride the same in both places?

That is interesting. NP is not the same.

TR: 237
TP: 230

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Yeah, I would suspect that it has to do with how they include time with either zero cadence or zero speed.

But that is just a guess so maybe someone has already dug into this and has the real answer.

That’s a good theory. My indoor rides always track 1:1 which might point to the zero cadence or zero power data theory since I’m always pedaling indoors