Tss outdoor riding

So i did My first outdoor ride with 4iii power meter it was z’n easy group ride 90 km But i have a tss of 178 while i did avg 150 watt… Like i did no effort at all and only one sprint.? The tss seems pretty high compares to some sweetspot work indoors

This is the ride Log In to TrainerRoad

Can’t see your ride, it’s set to private.
Did you do an FTP test with your new power meter and use powermatch on the trainer? You could be comparing apples and oranges.

Its public now. No i dint do ftp with new meter only on kickr.

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7,000+ feet of climbing and 76% FTP for 3 hours with NP of 191 is no easy spin. TSS looks a little high but probably not far off.

I have Mount Alice workout today with a duration of 3:30 mins and an IF of 0.68 with TSS of 164. So it appears you’re in the ballpark.

wasnt even close to 7000 feet shud be a mistake
more like 120 meters climb its as flat as it can be

this is the ride on strava

Seems correct to me too…check the %ftp abd duration compare it to an indior session…you will see it correlates…

Or my new powermeter is over reading?

That is a possibility…you could do a test on your trainer…i also have a 4iiii…and only use that one…on the trainer(dumbtrainer) and outdoor…a few weeks ago i was on a kicker…and the power of the trainer an 4iii was nearly the same…

Check your FTP setting on your head unit. TSS and IF is based on your FTP

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It’s way off.
I live in FL. An easy ride outside of 65-70% is about 35-40 TSS per hour for me. 3 hours should be about 130-150TSs

I did a 2 hour outdoor ride yesterday with an IF of .85 and a TSS of 145. So doing a 3 hour ride at an IF .76 makes a 178 TSS seem about right.

That is…unless your FTP settings are off.

I personally think TSS tilts too much weight to ride duration and is over-inflated based on time-spent-on-bike – but that’s the way it’s calculated, for better or worse. And your numbers seem in line.