TSS Chart Suggestion to Highlight FTP Increases or Decreases (Low Priority)

On the podcast, @Nate_Pearson often mentions that the times of greatest FTP gains for him have been the times of greatest training consistency. On the TSS Chart in the current “Career” page (and Calendar page), consistent or inconsistent training is fairly easy to spot visually. The FTP assessments, however, appear as a gray diamond; and the vertical scale is compressed enough that it is difficult to visually pick out FTP increases vs. decreases, especially since the diamonds are separated by several weeks.

Perhaps consider coding the FTP markers to make it easier to pick out increases vs. decreases. For instance, use a green up-pointing triangle for an FTP increase, and a red down-pointing triangle for a decrease. You could go a step further and have a “deadband” of +/- 1% where the current gray diamond is used, so only meaningful changes are coded by a symbol.

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Like this?

The same symbols would work, yes, but my suggestion is to replace the gray diamond in the chart with the colored triangles. That way you don’t need to hover over the diamond to see whether the ftp increased rather than decreased on that date. You would be able to see at a glance the times that ftp went up or down (the colored triangles), and how that correlated to training (the bars).

Actually a good idea, size could also wary depending on amount, would just be easier to get an overview.