Different scales for TSS and FTP on Training Stress chart (feature request)

The TSS chart on the Career page shows black diamonds where FTP values changed, which I like. The problem though is that the FTP values use the same scale (y-axis values) as TSS, even though the FTP values are in a much narrower range. This makes it difficult to see FTP changes (and difficult to associate changes in FTP with TSS values), since even large % changes of FTP barely deviate from a straight horizontal line.

I think it would be more useful and readable if a different scale was used for FTP. Ideally, the min and max would be variable and dependent on each user and their FTP values being displayed, but even a hard-coded range - limited on the high end to to something less than the TSS values go to, and maybe even limited on the low end to 50 (or whatever the lowest FTP might be expected to be) - would be helpful.

I envision such an FTP scale either being right next to the TSS scale that currently exists on the left and right sides of the graph, or keeping the TSS on one side and replacing the TSS scale on the other side with the FTP scale.

Thanks for a great product and for your consideration on this.


This is a great suggestion! I think it would go a long way towards making the FTP values more informative at first glance. While the decision is ultimately up to the design team, I will be sure to share this request with them.

Thanks again for the suggestion :+1: