TSS at the end of a recovery week. How much?

Hi guys,

I’m starting my first recovery week of Full Distance Tri HV Plan. I’m running more often but less in total volume that what has prescribed in the plan (I do my own thing here with easy runs). My TSB right know is -41, what is considered to be a danger zone if you stay at a prolonged period of time, according to Joe Friel.

I have laid down my week plan on TP and If I follow through, I’ll finish my recovery week with a -27 TSB. That doens’t look optimal before another 3 hard weeks. I imagined that I should get more rest after a proper RW.

What is your TSB at the end of a RW and your thoughts around that? Am I overthinking?

I see most TR recovery weeks has about 57% of the TSS that you last had.
For my self i do 50-65% TSS in recovery week, so if i end at 850 i will do 425-550 in recovery.