Truck bed bike rack / mount

Hi TR Fam! Just got a new to me 2018 Toyota Tacoma and looking for recommendations on best mount/ rack to secure one maybe two road / gravel bikes. It does have a hard foldable tonneau cover so are there any options to mount in top of cover?

Tacoma owner here as well. I use a 1Up hitch rack or a Seasucker so I’m not much help.

I recommend you go check out the Tacomaworld forums. There are a number of threads on bike mounts depending on your setup. There’s a member there that makes a pretty good setup to mount your bike over the bed sides so you still have access to your bed and can open your tonneau.

Ill try and find a few links.

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Just ordered one of these, it’s suppose to slide right into the stock bed rails, will report back how it works!

I wouldn’t want to mount on top of a tonneau cover, as the mounts will probably make it really difficult to fold. I also have a new to me Tacoma, I normally jus throw my mtb in the bed and have a single 1UP rack for additional bikes.

Second the recommendation for checking out Tacoma World. That forum is insane, so much incredibly detailed and valuable information.

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I have a rockymounts ‘driveshaft track’ (looks similar to the one you ordered), as well as a rockymounts hotrod in the rails on my 2012 Tacoma, and I find myself almost always using the hotrod-it is rock solid and holds the thru axle securely while fork tends to bounce and rattle with the driveshaft. It was also a little easier to install without removing the bed rail

There was a tacoma world post on the hotrod that I can’t find anymore, but this is the mounting hardware I ordered from amazon. Not sure if the rails have changed between tacoma models

3/8-16 x 1" stainless Socket Head Cap Bolts + lock washers (drilled out the holes in the mount slightly to fit)

T slot nuts for tacoma bed rail

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If you are in the UK @fpenland a friend of mine set up a few years back.

I mounted a towball on my trucks hatdtop, ment the rack could easily be moved between vehicles

The Rocky Mounts DropTop works pretty good, bike seems really secure no rattling around or anything! Drove up to a gravel event this weekend and no complaints at all.

Here’s my gravel bike on truck bed mount using rails above the bed. This uses a roll-up tonneau cover - won’t work with the folding cover.


Here is my Setup.
The bikes on roof is not the most comfortable, but serves the purpose when I need to take 5 bikes…or the rare occasion when I need to transport a bike and the hitch rack isn’t on there.

If i were doing it all over again, I would probably have gotten a retrax pro where the tonneau rolls into the bed, and it has rails for mounting a bed rack. Then I would mount the roof bike racks onto bed rack instead.

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