Road race tire ideas (tubed)

I run tubes, starting to notice a lot of the tires are only offered tubeless ready.

Looking for a go5000 32 or a Vitoria in 32


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Noting the GP5000 is likely intended per above, are you looking for more ideas than these 2 tires, or links to placed to get those two tires?

  • Just unsure of your actual search/goal here.

My understanding is that tubeless ready tires are heavier, I am running a wheel not intended for tubeless. I wanted a lighter tire that is not labeled as tubeless ready it should weigh less in theory

Chasing marginal gains

I doubt this is a comprehensive list, but using BRR filters:

This is a screenshot of the bottom of the list. Seems they don’t have results on the 32mm size, but at least you can cross-check these models/brands to see if they have the size you want.

Unless the weather is :poop: then the answer is the GP5000 - any width from 25-32 are great. No other tyre comes close for speed, durability road feel. They are outstanding.

I am currently running Vitoria in a 26/28 and gp5k in 28/28.

Just wanted to fat since I am fat and old.

Hopefully I can find a 32gp5k not tubeless



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Although my disc on my TT bike is tubeless, my front wheel is a clincher. I run a Mitchelin Power TT with a latex tube and according to one site I looked at it’s just as fast as a tubeless tyre. I suspect that they’ll also do a race version of the Mitchelin Power.

I used Power TT with latex tubes on my TT bike last year in a 25c - they were good. However, I have a new TT bike and it has a disc and trispoke with wider rims and the Michelin doesn’t come in anything wider so I’m going back to GP5000 in a 28c with latex tubes…even if I’m not fast this year I will be comfortable :laughing:

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Keep an eye on them at BTD. I just bought some that were on sale there closer to $50 each.