Feature Request - Adding User-Saved Workouts

Loving the new calendar. I’m wanting to start scheduling my run/swim workouts on the TR calendar as the interface is much nicer than the Garmin Connect calendar that I’m currently using. To help with this it would be really handy to be able to add a workout from a personal collection of workouts. It could work something like this…

When adding a workout, as well as the “TrainerRoad Workout”, “Other Activity”, and “Training Plan” options, there would also be a “Personal Collection” option. This would provide a list of custom workouts that I’d saved in the past, for example (“Progression Run” or “Pyramid CSS Swim”). Selecting the custom workout would simply pre-populate the Event Type, Duration Estimate, Intensity and any notes I’d set for the Description. This would save having to fill this stuff in time and time again.

If this was added I’d immediately switch to doing all my planning in TR :slight_smile:

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We want to be your main planning and training tool! :wink: I’ve passed your suggestion along, thanks so much for bringing this up!


I made a similar comment on Instagram. Also the need for individual activity copy/paste–they have since added whole week copy/paste which isn’t as useful when you have a training plan going and want to add in swims and runs around the TR training plan rides.

My Instagram comment;
“Hopefully the copy/paste function is at the top of the list for the next features to be added - - it’s painful trying to set up the calendar with non-cycling workouts as is. A future feature related to non-cycling workouts could be a user workout library so the workouts could quickly be searched and added similar to the cycling workouts.”

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As an extension of this, a really cool feature for the distant future for triathletes would be to be able to define run workouts with interval duration/pace etc., which TR would then generate a workout graph for :sunglasses: It could use running threshold pace, instead of FTP. It’d be great to see run workouts visualised on the calendar in the same way you can view upcoming TR workouts.

For example, a track session of 400m repeats would something like Baird+1, and a tempo run might look something like Carter+2 :grinning:

This would really start to set TR apart from other software out there.

Agreed - - a run workout creator similar to the bike workout creator would be great! I did a Zwift run workout on Wednesday (for the free water bottle and stickers… lol) and it actually worked really well having the graphs/intervals and other metrics displayed on my phone through the companion app - - very reminiscent of TR cycling workouts (which Zwift does too now of course, but I stick to TR for actual training). You could even include incline suggestions in the in-run instructions, much like cadence or standing suggestions in the bike workout, if you had a hilly workout planned.

I would like a check box for a custom workout “completed”. This would be for my scheduled custom swim, run workouts while we wait for Garmin sync. Current I have to load the workout and run the clock.

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