Triathlon training plans - mixed volume?

Hi all,

I’m back using a triathlon training plans after having to mix things up a lot over the last 8 months. I’m on middle distance mid-volume for context.

I was wondering whether anyone knows a way of mixing the volume of plans. As a stronger swimmer than I am a runner/cyclist, I find middle volume a bit easy in this respect but it’s plenty difficult in the other disciplines. Is there a handy way of swapping the high volume swims (Tu,W,F,Su) from the mid volume (Tu,F,Su) sessions while keeping mid volume run/cycling.

Thanks in advance,

Nope, no way to pick and choose volumes for the different disciplines. You could manually enter the HV plan, delete the bikes and runs and then move the swims to where you wanted. Or just enter a recurring 4th swim on the day you want it, and manually check the HV plan to see what it wants you to do for the week.

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Thanks for the response. It sounds like adding an additional recurring midweek swim is the way to go. The swims don’t change too much week-to-week within base/build/speciality, should just be a matter of adding one each week to the main set.

Thanks again!