Triathlon training and AI FTP detection

I’m curious if it works for folks. I just finished my first my first 10 rides and it thinks I’ve loss 10% of my power in that time. I will do a ramp test in the coming days to confirm but I suspect that the lack of swim / run integration is probably throwing off the model. Is anyone seeing accurate results where your bike volume may be down but you are putting in a good bit of strength training and other aerobic exercises?

I’ve found it to be pretty accurate, or at least accurate enough to allow effective training.

I suppose how trained you are will dictate how much an impact running and swimming will have on your cycling/FTP. I reckon after a year or two of training running/swimming lack the specificity.

I’m on my second season of following the MV full distance plan and saw around a 20w increase throughout last season using AI FTP. The workouts/zones always felt about right and the power levels take up any of the slack (ie. doesn’t matter if your FTP is a little high or low, the workouts levels adjust to give the desired effect).