Tri plan runs - bad Intensity/TSS numbers

The Intensity tags (and therefore the TSS) on the runs in the tri plans seem all over the place. For a specific example, all of the runs in Olympic Build Mid Volume are tagged as Intensity ‘1 (Recovery)’, regardless of the workout description. The TSS numbers are all really low, matching the Intensity tags.

The Olympic Base Mid plan has Intensity tags which vary from 4 to 5, but the Intensities don’t match the RPE in the workout descriptions.

Thanks so much for reporting this @mcsenn! I am working with our Customer Support Leads now to get to the bottom of this. I will update you here with what we find, and what corrections we make :+1:


Hi @Bryce

did you already geht to the bottom of this?
Seems like TSS ratings are off the norm in HIM LV in a similar way…


Is there any update on this? In the low-volume long distance plan a 2:30hr Long Run in RPE6 pace shows an estimated 113 TSS while my TP data post run indicates 220 TSS. So either its supposed to be run at lower RPE, or the TSS should be estimated higher. Any update on this would be much appreciated.

Using this TP blog post (Estimating Training Stress Score (TSS) | TrainingPeaks), RPE6 for 2.5 hours should be ~175 TSS (this post is about cycling, maybe for running it’d be more like 190-195). So the TSS estimate in the plan does seem inconsistent with RPE6. But I think some of the difference is also on your end - either you were running harder than 6, your TP zones are off, or your datafile was bad (my GPS often thinks I’m sprinting segments when it gets a bad ping bouncing off nearby buildings).