Trek Paint Schemes- Good looking?

Today I received an email from Trek on the new paint schemes that are available.

Not sure I find any of the new ones appealing. This one is …well…ugly?

To each his own I guess.

Related article with info for those that didn’t get the email.

It’s hideous. I like it.


“Inspired by EF/Rapha/Palace” :laughing:

I like it, then again I also think the older Red Hook Allez is awesome too

Really anything is better than black

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I like them, but I’m definitely not fast enough to pull them off.

Seems to be totally opposite of the aesthetic giant is running this year. Personally, I like the clean lines and simple tube shapes and paint schemes of the Giants. They also have just enough sparkly paint for some subtle bling. The remind me of Cervelo bikes, which have always been some of the best looking bikes.

Then again, every time a stranger rolls up to a group ride with a pink bike or kit, he puts everyone else in the hurt locker, so maybe you just need to be fast to rock the “fast paint.”

Well, to be fair… these are Trek’s “ICON” paints. Part of their Project One series where you can customize a range of bikes and features, to include paint.

There are MANY other paint options for the “regular” models, and plenty in the other customizable P1 paints. The ICON ones are deliberately over the top in most cases, with a lot of manual painting or special techniques, to make something extra unique (short of a full custom).

You can find many subtle paints in the other Trek’s, but these are justifiably “loud” IMO.

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