Custom painting

I have a plain black, carbon stem and it’s boring. I want to get it painted by someone to add some flared, something like the spitfire nose art. Has anyone ever had this type of thing done? Any recommendations on who to use or how to find someone to use?

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I saw a stem painted like that and it was really cool. I would look for anyone who does custom airbrush.

If you know someone with a Cricut you might try to paint something yourself. You can make custom stencils. I have done some mugs and glasses with it and it is super easy. I am going to take a crack at it with a frame I repaired as well. Not sure I would be skilled enough yet to do someone else’s bike though.

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I used to ride with the guy behind it, he’s really sound and has done some jobs for special pro bikes.

Have a look at Colourburn studio on instagram to see his stuff.

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As a follow up for anyone who may be interested, I found someone via Instagram that was painting cycling shoes. He painted the P-40 teeth onto my carbon stem and it came out really well. I have it on my bike now but my steerer tube is not cut yet and I am vain and do not want to show a photo… Anyways, he posted it on his Instagram page just now. Link below.

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