Trek Emonda Torque Specs

Need some help here, currently upgrading my 2016 Trek Emonda road-bike to Ultegra components and can’t seem to find the proper “torque specs” in order for me to put it together. I am upgrading everything but taking the bike into the LBS to remove and install bottom bracket.

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Torque specs for what parts? The specs for your Ultegra parts you’ll find in the Shimano Dealer Manuals (not User Manuals - which are mostly useless) on their tech site.

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Or just go to Trek. Its customer service is pretty damn good and quick.

Yep, it’s the dealer manual for each part you’re trying to install you want.

If it’s like most other bikes it will probably be either 5, 10-12 or 40!

Just make sure you do the right ones to 40Nm😂


5-6nm unless posted.

I believe it came with a 5mn torque key (mine did) that will cover cockpit and seatposts.

Bb and cranks is ungodly high so let the lbs check them when you are done.

I have this bookmarked, so so handy.