Question about tools/maintencance equipment

For those of you that work on your own bikes, I’m looking for any info about what tools you prefer (manufacturer / models / etc.) My latest bike has very specific torque settings but I don’t want to invest in a torque wrench that ends up being a pos. Unfortunately, there are so many to choose from that its hard to find a good one. Figured this would be a better place to ask other than the amazon question section. TIA!

I don’t own one of their torque wrenches, but Park Tool is a good place to start.


I have torque wrenches from Silca and Effetto Mariposa. Both are great. The Effetto Mariposa is maybe more sophisticated mechanically but the Silca is better packaged and is the one I turn to more often. Both are super convenient for travel too.

I have an Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza 2-16 which is lovely piece of kit. It doesn’t have a ratchet head (but the pro version does). I figured a high-end bike deserves top quality tools!

Park Tools adjustable torque wrench with a set of hex and torx bits.

I have the Park Tool TW-5 + SBS-1 (now discontinued and replaced by by TW-5.2 + SBS-1.2).
I find this to be a quality tool and works very well in the range of 3-15 NM.
Max torque for various carbon parts on my bike ranges from 4 NM and upwards.

The SBS-1 includes the most standard sets of hex and torx bits, but it might be good to check whether this enough for your bike. My frame (Pinarello) used two 2.5 mm torx for the saddle post and that was not part of the SBS-1.

The tools are kinda pricey, but in some extent you’re investing in safety, both your own and in the bike.

Feedback Sports.

They have a number of kits which are awesome and just released a great torque wrench. Colorado company and are really great folks.