Traveling to Vietnam next week! Help me out

I’ll be in Hoi An Vietnam for 5 days and want to be able to ride. What’s my best option for getting a road or mountain bike to get some miles in? I’ve looked around online for bike rentals but they all seem to be single speed cruisers. I was thinking about buying something off facebook marketplace and then selling it before I leave town but that’s a last resort option. I couldn’t find anyone in the area on Velo Guide so I wasn’t sure where to go from here.

Thanks in advance for you advice!

I cycled Hué to Hoi an, over hai van pass with this tour company. It was my partner who isn’t a cyclist but sure they could sort something out for you.

They are based in Hoi an, I’d recommend doing Hai van pass it’s a decent climb.

Bikes are on the basic mtb side, but good enough.

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Following … I will be in Hoi Ann as well later this year. My go to on holidays is gym, strength, spin bike and HIT.

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I would just hit the gym, do some strength training, and or do some cardio.

I’ll check them out thanks @howlintj

Bring your own? I’ve done some extensive riding Hoi An and Da Nang. The 30km route from Hoi An to Da Nang is flat and fast, a fun TT like course, it’s coastal so you get great view of the bay and China Beach. Once you get to Da Nang, Monkey Mountain is a great climb, and there’s a loop you can do from the climb over to the back side of the Intercontinental Da Nang. All the climbs in that area are steep, but very good. Still in the north, you can do Hai Van Pass, another excellent climb. If you’re more pressed for time you can head south from Hoi An to Cua Dai bridge, there are some local loops around there, very quite roads, areas where no tourists travel so it’s a great view into daily Vietnamese life.

Bring cash, and expect to get gouged on things like water when in the remote areas, when I say that I say it in just. A local might pay 25 cents for a bottle of water, you’ll pay 50 cents.

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@alexstenerson for sure but with the beautiful mountains near by and the Hoi Van Pass I’d like to get out at least one day.

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