Traveling between coast and Home (4500ft)

Hi Guys,

I travel between Sea level and where I stay (4500ft) every 6 weeks. Usually when I go down to the coast, it is only for a week and I do not go through the effort of adjusting my FTP as I drive down (1000 mile trip one way) and the stress on the body with the traveling adds enough fatigue that I believe adding the 5% will only add unnecessary fatigue to my body and then once I am back at altitude I might struggle.

This time though I am going down for a 6 week time frame, Now I have the option of, should I adjust my intensity with 4-5% or do I just leave it as is and let the AI adjust my workouts as I complete them and mark them as EASY (as it usually feels way easier than at home).

The same goes for when I go back home after the six weeks, Do I then adjust it back down by 4-5% or do I fail or struggle with my workouts and let AI adjust it for me???

your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


I wouldn’t overthink it on the way down, but on the way back up, definitely adjust your expectations. While 4500 doesn’t seem high, it’s about 5% off FTP at that altitude. So dial it back for just a couple weeks and you should be back to normal.

Good luck!


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