Smallest Trainer/ERG Bike footprint

I live in New York City, and currently don’t have space in my home for a trainer. I’ve used TR for a number of years at the gym, on a Stages spin bike that has a bluetooth power meter. With COVID, this is becoming problematic. Gyms have finally reopened, but masks are required at all times. With multiple mask changes, sweet spot is possible, but I can’t really manage VO2 or threshold workouts. I sweat, the mask saturates, and the mask sucks in when I breath. It’s miserable, and probably not great training. Outside is great, but doing structured work in the city is a struggle for a number of reasons.

I’m looking to finally get an indoor set up of my own, but the issue is space. We’re cramped as it is, and I have a 1 year old who gets into everything. Does anyone have a recommendation for a trainer that has a very small footprint while set up, and ideally an even smaller one when stored? I was thinking that something like the Wahoo Bike might be good since there is no front wheel.

Does anyone have experience training/living in a small space? Unfortunately my solution from my bachelor days of just leaving the trainer set up in the middle of the living room at all times is no longer considered acceptable. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I’m in the same position with limited space so I chose the Wahoo Kickr (2018) as the legs fold so it packs up small. You use your own bike so no additional space there. A brilliant trainer and virtually silent, another major consideration in my case.

Can’t help with stand-alone trainers.

One outside of the box option, a fork mount (no front wheel) with the widest part at the front and narrow at the rear. It is a dumb trainer without ERG, so that may not be an option based on your thread title. It also lacks much flywheel inertia, so has a more dead and stuck in the sand feel. But it is a reasonably small footprint when up, and packs super small.


The elite suito folds pretty much flat very easily. I keep mine under my sofa


The 4iiii Fliiiight might work too, depending on the power you put out (you may want to research this).
It folds flat like an old school dumb trainer, so probably can fit under a couch or bed.
Bonus for silence.

I just happened to come across this new trainer from elite. It might be an option.

I tend to keep my Elite Suito up as a bike stand but I bought it for use in my Narrow Hallway as it can be half folded down quickly and still used as a bike stand or can be completely folded down and stored under the bed or the back of the sofa.

You do get more compact wheel on units but I wanted a direct drive unit.

Another vote for Elite suito