Custom training plan nearly completed - what next?

Hi everyone, I’d like a bit of advice on what my next steps should be. This is my first season using TR, and I’ve selected a custom CX training plan to build up to the start of the cyclocross season. That plan will be coming to the end around September once I’ve arrived at the start of the CX season, what do I then progress to? Something like a specialty phase individual plan choosing the CX option? or do I extend the custom plan for the duration of the season? Not sure how to structure my year TBH.

That’s a really open ended question. It depends on what your custom training plan has you doing, what your fitness was like at the start of it, when you want to peak, how old you are, etc. etc. etc.

Without more information - sure throw a low volume CX specialty plan on the calendar and go for it

Well, I stuck in the start of the season as the target date for my plan, so I guess It’s building me up to that date. So once that date is met and the season has started, I guess I transition to a specialty CX plan to see me through the season, and once the season is over, I just start to build again for the next season, is that about it?

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