Transition from Ironman to Enduro racing

TR Family,

I just successfully completed my first full Ironman last weekend in Chattanooga and I must say, that experience was nothing short of incredible. I never thought that I’d even remotely consider doing another one but I’m way too excited to jump back on the mtb to give it any more thought at this point.

I live in Texas and enjoy mountain bike racing in the fall which is right when the enduro season kicks off here. I’ve raced plenty of enduro events so I’m no stranger to the level of effort and intensity they require, however, this will be the first season where I’ll be making this quick of a transition between two seemingly different disciplines. My first enduro race is scheduled on 10/12/19.

That being said, short term, what kind of advice would you offer to someone in my position? Should I lay low and try to recover more before the race with some easier efforts or should I at least get a couple intense workouts in next week before Saturday?

Also, I’m just trying to get a sense of what kind of protocol/specific training plans I should follow to reach peak enduro form in the shortest amount of time without risk of over fatigue or injury.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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