Transition between Kickr Snap & Kickr Core

I recently purchased a Kickr Core, and have been riding the past 3 years on the Snap. On both I used the Assioma Favero Duo as a power source.

I’m having some trouble doing intervals, as they are much more fatiguing and this at a lower power output. Earlier this week on the Snap, I was doing 12 minute threshold intervals without many problems, but today i had some trouble sustaining 8 minute sweetspot intervals. While this may be due to a bad day, I suspect it’s more a matter of a change in position.

The wheel on the roller of the Snap is put +/- 5 cm higher than the flywheel on the Core, which causes the bike to make an incline on the Core. I feel like my sit bones are further back on my saddle than they were on the Snap, resulting in a different position altogether and the use of different muscles.

I was thinking about putting some blocks underneath the Core to put it on the same level at the back than the Snap. I don’t know if there are already some theories about this? :slight_smile:

Maybe a retest is in order?

Also, kickr core height matches the regular height of a road bike. I think you’d be better off adjusting your saddle incline and fit.

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One thing you can check is that the resistance levels are the same on both trainers.

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