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I’m primarily a cyclist but I’ve started adding in some short (less than 5k) runs on my cycling rest days. TR does see the runs as they are imported from Garmin Connect and show up on my Calendar. But what if I want a running workout? If I click TrainNow or Workouts I only see cycling workouts. How can I get a running workout from TrainNow or Workouts?

To my knowledge, you can’t

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If your questioning what do do go for a run decide between these two options

  • If your tired, conversation pace.

  • If you’re feeling spicy hit the trails and find some hills. Maybe run some strides when you are done.

If you want something else you should be on some kind of train plan IMO.

Hey there,

At the moment, we only offer cycling workouts for TrainNow and our Workout Library.

I’ll pass this suggestion along to the rest of the team, though!

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I’m pushing for this too @dsevern! :running_man:

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