TrainNow or Recovery for double days?

I think I know the answer to this, but just to be sure…

I sometimes commute about 1hr each way by bike. I’m also on a LV plan. I’ve been doing the scheduled workout in the morning, then taking it easy on the return.

Mostly I select a “Recovery” ride for the return and run that on the head unit just to make sure that I don’t get overexcited, race electric scooters and blow my legs up for the next few days.

But should I be using TrainNow? I had a look after this morning’s VO2 workout, and today it’s recommending endurance (Mont Albert -1, 38 TSS, 0.62 IF):

And I think that’s the lowest it goes? Would TrainNow ever recommend Recovery, like this (Recess, 25 TSS, 0.5 IF):

I trust TrainNow - it’s given me very good recommendations for an alternate workout, or for an extra workout on a day without one planned. But should I trust it for double days…

You’ve more control than me. I’m only cycle commuting one day at the moment and blasting the route 38-40 (circa 17-18 minutes rural). I figure it’d be too short for a decent wo and I’d have to do it on RPE/ HR anyway. Besides it gets me to the train station at a better time. The only thing with Train Now it gives you the best workout on an individual day taking no account of your upcoming workload or end goal. So your selection of a recovery ride (circa IF 0.5) may be better but I doubt there would be much impact on your plan/future workouts from doing the ever so slightly intense TN recommendation.

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I suppose they’re really not that different, and I’m probably overthinking this.

So I’ll try the very slightly harder “Endurance” TN suggestion instead of Recess and see how it goes.

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Yeah I don’t think the difference between an hour of endurance and an hour of recovery is enough to really sweat over. Just take it in the context of your plan and choose either. If you do a VO2 workout in the morning then do closer to recovery in the afternoon. Do SS in the morning and have a day off the next day? Do endurance.

Though if you are doing a LV plan then there’s a good chance that you aren’t near your max recoverable volume. So I would probably lean more toward endurance unless I was feeling particularly crappy.

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There’s a good FastTalk podcast on two a days. Seems to suggest the workout first and then a Z2 etc ride later on. I don’t think you need TN for that second ride. Try to keep the gap as short as you can given you presumably have a full work day in between - I don’t remember exactly their recommended gap but I think the ideal gap was 5hrs or something.

Apparently this is a really good way to get some/many of the benefits of doing a long ride, without doing the long ride…

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Ah, this one

I’ll have a listen, thanks. Riding home at steady Z2 is a lot more engaging than trying to stay in “Active Recovery” - it feels like I’m actually riding instead of constantly trying to not ride!

Good points from @mwglow15 too - my LV plan is actually a triathlon LV plan with normally only 2 rides a week, so I do have a lot of room. I suppose that TrainNow might eventually be updated to take into account upcoming workouts, in which case the difference between recovery and endurance would be important if there is a hard workout programmed for the next day.

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Yes that’s it, sorry I was on my phone last night. I’ve manually scheduled these by using a 45 min alternate of my scheduled TR workout (Threshold or VO2 etc) during my lunch break then done e.g., a 90 minute Z2 after work, which seems to pretty well meet their suggestions. You certainly feel like you’ve done a longer ride anyway…

The only thing I think they said is that a gap of e.g., 8 hours (ie normal working day) is probably a bit on the long side - but it’s still probably a good strategy.

I see what you did there

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