TrainNow might be a bit confused/unrealistic suggestion

Been following a Train now program (in combination with outside rides)… been ramping up the TSS and IF as I went along. build up to .8x IF for hour/90min workouts.

Did a AI suggested FTP bump on Monday, suggested new FTP was perfectly in line with what I thought I had to change my FTP to…
Just asked TrainNow for a workout for today and think it some how is not paying attention that I’m on a brand new FTP, don’t think a hour at IF=0.91 (Redondo -1) is realistic… and it’s calling it productive, never mind a stretch to the moon which it would be.

It is only 5x 10’ at 94% r30sec

50 mintutes at 94% with a total of 2 mintues rest (okay the recovery segments are almost non-existent)

Should be perfectly do-able on semi / to fresh legs.

Not the easiest though.

It is a Stretch for me, and I have done 52 minutes straight at 100% FTP (Threshold Level) although that was not a TR session (and a good while ago) so I get no credit for it in PLs and it would make no difference to Redondo -1 being a stretch because that is in the sweet-spot level.

Do it after a recovery day :wink: enjoy.

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I think this depends on the FTP bump. If it was a 1% bump, and you’ve been doing SS Base, that should be Achievable. If it was a 10% bump, that’s a whole different story.

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Seems like you have two options:

  1. Try the suggested workout, get as far through as you can and then mark the survey honestly - thus adjusting your PLs or surprising yourself with what you can do

  2. Pick an alternative workout with an easier PL, complete it and then mark the survey honestly - thus adjusting your PLs


Agree with @Pbase I think it entirely depends on what the FTP bump was.

But if you don’t think that that is entirely possible (or what you are looking for) today then you’ve got 1,000,000 other workouts to choose from. TN makes it super easy as it tries to present you with selected workouts for you but there is nothing stopping you from just going to the workout library, choosing some filters, and finding a workout that fits your current aim.

If you’ve been using TR for more than a couple months then you probably have a pretty good idea of what workouts are close to ideal for the current day.


5% bump.

That’s big! Congratulations!

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ye… like 7yrs…
This is more me thinking that TrainNow’s engine is a bit lost…
The previous efforts and abilities does not make sense for me, considering a 5% bump and now this TrainNow suggestion,
This is a hard workout, at any point, even close to a 4-6 week block. so proposing this in the first week on a new FTP.

worked hard for it, first proper bump after C19.
so thats a big bump… and then this is suddenly proposed the first week, first 2 workouts this week was lo IF endurance and a low TSS/45min VOMax.

What was you SS progression before the 5% bump ? How much did the PL get knocked down ?

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We definitely want to encourage discussion about training, AT, TrainNow, but ultimately, only can provide accurate insight to your specific TrainNow recommendations based upon the full scope of your workout’s ride logs, complete training plan, FTP changes, adaptations, success rate of workouts, potential issues you may be experiencing (like workouts not being accounted for in odd scenarios), etc. They’ll be happy to take a look!


IMO, There is nothing to indicate the TrainNow suggestion was not appropriate, but yes, totally agree it is one for the support team.


I got a really tough first workout after an FTP bump recently (2%) and my first reaction was “holy crap!”, but you know what, I did it, and it did a huge amount for my self confidence. I went in believing that if the AI thought I could do it, then I could, and you know what, they were right!


WE LOVE TO HEAR THIS!!! Passing along to the team. :wink:


I was so surprised I even posted it on Instagram! :rofl:


Ivy, will ping support,
I chickened out on workout today, the high IF made me run scared. doing a outside ride tomorrow and sunday. But would be interesting to hear some feedback.


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Not 100% what the difference is but your holding to IF is reminding me of on the podcast when they say ‘TSS isn’t created equal’, is it the same? Your out off by a number but the PL which AT is using (and what TR have decided is the better metric) say you can do it. Crush the workout, maybe have a strong coffee first too!

I gave myself a very genuine 9% bump recently via a ramp test. AI detection went too conservative and workouts felt too easy and in wrong zones.

All my levels got reset to 1, but the very first VO2 workout suggested by TR was a breakthrough. And you know what, it was alright :grinning:.

I see how some people panic a bit seeing these tough workouts at a new FTP. It’s good to approach it with curiosity, you’ll get as much knowledge from a failed workout as from a completed one so why not just try and do it? It’s clever that AI tries to test the new FTP by giving a workout that’s a very big stretch - it looks like it’s doing this by design and doesn’t seem to be confused at all. That’s what a good coach would do as well!


question, when does AT reset the various PL’s 1 ? as the workout effort level Achieveable/Productive etc is based on workout level compared to what was achieved before, the achieved before relevant to the ftp at that time, aka not all IF is the same, a IF=0.7 was a IF=0.9 maybe yesterday with the FTP change/increase.


NOT holding to a IF… understand also not my first workout, been on TR for 7yrs now…
I’ve done enough to know what I can expect with a FTP increase, and how much work etc a workout will demand from me, What I’ve done previous ftp, IF/Time/TSS etc vs a new workout and a new FTP.
I was simply blown away, looking at a very first workout having 2 blocks of approx 20min, sitting at 0.9IF right out of the gate on a new FTP, this is something you work up to, progression.