TrainNow Idea - Target Training Distributions

I would love to see the option to select a target training distribution to target with the TrainNow feature. For example, you might be able to select:

  • Base/low intensity training
  • Threshold training
  • Polarized
  • Pyramidal

The TrainNow feature could then serve workouts aimed at hitting the distribution chosen by the athlete.

My understanding of what’s happening now is this decision has been made by the folks at TrainerRoad (how often to hit each system). What would be nice about the approach I suggest is it would allow users to dictate this facet - which to be frank is more appropriate as TrainerRoad doesn’t really know what the athlete’s goals are.

I think this would make the TrainNow feature more appealing to the self-coached athlete, and those of us who read research and would like to try different distributions throughout our season, while the Adaptive Training / Training Plan functionality would remain for those who prefer to “set it and forget it”.

As far as I understood the podcast, Trainnow is for the folks without goals.
If you are thinking about training distribution, maybe trainingplans are a better solution.
I ride mainly outside and just use trainnow when the weather is bad and I want to do something on the trainer.
Trainnow suggests the most of the time endurance rides and only higher intensities, when I am rested.
I don’t know if that’s the mechanic behind Trainnow, but if yes, it would be fine for me.