4iiii Power meter died - recommended workouts / workout structure?

Hey - just wondering what workouts everyone does or how they approach them when they have no power data to go off of. My 4iiii decided this morning that power is overrated, and I can’t afford to say “oh well, time for the couch” while I wait for them to respond/assist. I’m on SSBII right now, so things are likely a bit easier from a structuring perspective. I’ll likely move to 10-20min RPE/HR based sweet spot intervals, as I can’t see being able to accurately doing shorter stuff. But what have others seen/done in similar circumstances? I think I can gauge zones on a broad basis based on history/experience, but I’m guessing even that will be off by quite a bit.

And moving training outside is not an option right now due to us just getting a foot of snow (as that would be easier as I could just go to well known routes).

Cheers and happy polar vortex!

Use virtual power and start with a ramp test.

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Assuming that you are on a basic trainer, you could always get a Wahoo Blue Cadence/Speed sensor and go from there.

should have noted - no speed/cadence sensor (when that died a while ago I finally went and bought a power meter). So virtual power not an option in short term.

@James If you are at SSBII, you have a fair bit of experience under your belt. Since your 4iiii situation is likely relatively short term (2-3 weeks?) I would go with what your experience tells you how hard/easy you need to go. Time in Zone (TiZ) is what is important and it would be quite surprising if you are that far off.

As for RPE and HR: Use RPE to drive your effort and HR to make adjustments if needed. If, for example, you are doing a sweet spot workout, you will know what about 90% feels like. And if you look at prior workouts, you will see what HR you drive towards during 1,2,3 interval sets (i.e. increasing within the set, slight increase in further sets). Ditto for Threshold efforts. For VO2Max, HR info won’t be reliable; just drive hard for the time period you need to; and again you probably know what 120% feels like.

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Have you tried bending up the battery contacts on the power meter, they can get flattened over time and lose contact, just a thought.


Yeah. That was part of the troubleshooting email, for which I just followed all the steps. No dice. I’ve got a dead 4iiii on my hands. I really shouldn’t be too upset as sometimes tech just breaks - but I am. I was finally getting consistent in hitting my training :(. Stages has their PM’s on sale if 4iiii falters on the fix though. Hoping that it doesn’t come to that as I really like supporting fellow Canucks.

I had a 4iiii which did the same asyours back in early 2018…got 10 months out of it. After a month got a replacement.

I’ve had a couple of 4iii PMs die thankfully they’ve replaced both under the warranty (even though the second was more than a year from purchase). The second time was only a week before my A event last year and between 4iii and Hargroves Cycles I had replacement within a few days

I’ve had repeated problems with my 4iii, typically when changing the battery, where it would lock up. The one tip from 4iii that eventually worked, was turning the old battery over and reinstalling it (apparently this is used to clear any residual electrostatic charge), before replacing it with a fresh battery (the right way up :wink:). However, what 4iii didn’t tell me, but what seems to work, is leaving the inverted old battery in place for at least 24 hours. So far, this has done the trick.


Yeah I kept having issues around battery change time (not the easiest to get out either) will try your tip next time - thanks

Thanks for that tip. I’ll try it out tonight. I’m still waiting to hear from support on next steps after initial troubleshooting failed. Hoping I don’t need to buy another PM…I’m so used to training with power now that I feel rather lost without it, LOL. Doesn’t help to be snowed in either…so no option to escape to real roads.

I know what you mean when the PM stops working - forty years of riding without a PM with no problem, but now with two years of PM use, can’t ride without it anymore! We’re also iced in, but still needed a fan for this mornings session in the garage (a reflection on my fitness rather than the difficulty of the session).