Training plan question: run and bike

I have learned a lot by reading at this forum so i want to try to see if anybody have some good idea of how i should set up my training.

I have never trained structured before nor have i trained much, that is something i am going to change. My FTP is 265 and i run 10km at around 47 min. Height is 198cm weight 90kg, age 29. With running and cycling i like strength and kettlebell training.

My goals are obviously to up my ftp, run faster and get stronger. And maybe that will take me to more racing, being on bike, run or triathlon in the future. My only plans on races is a 220km road bike ride in 8 months and probably some runs next year.

Should i go for triathlon program and sub the swims for strength and kettlebell training? Or should i go for a cycling program and change some bike rides for runs and add strength training on top of that.
Happy for all advice and suggestions!

It is tough to improve in all things at the same time. I am an ex runner and when I started cycling I stopped running - I have added in some running again during lockdown for variety. I now race TT and just run for a bit of bone density as I am over 50. I would go for the TR LVSSB programme and add a short run of 15 mins at the end of 2 of the easier sessions - that will give you practice running off the bike if you ever do a tri. I would then have just one run day where it is your focus and you do 60 mins maybe with some intervals. Then you can have a couple of strength days (but don’t do any tough leg exercises as you have your run/cycle to focus on). That is 3x cycle 3x run - but 2 of those being doubles with the bike and 2x strength. That leaves you a day off as well - sorted! Also ease into the running - being over 6 foot tall and 14 stone is tough running - I was a 16.5min 5k 2:47 marathon runner but then I am 1.69m tall and weigh 60kg! :smile:


Thank you for the answer jdman. I like what you are suggesting. I also forgot to say that i want cycling as my primary sport, which i saw you understood :smile: 2:47 marathon is impressive that is out of my reach!


This sounds like a legit idea. But as other have said is very hard to make drastic improvements to more than one sport at a time.

I was just running for about 5 years and got decent at it (sub 2:59:48 marathon PR).
Then 2 years ago i start adding outdoor bikes and was about 80% run and 20% bike
Last year i got a trainer and added indoor rides and was about 60% run and 40% bike while i was training for Boston 2020.
And when everything got cancelled i decided to embrace the bike. Now Im about 70% bike and 30% run.

In that time, my running has become “slower”. In a 2019 marathon i did 3:05 (while the goal was 2:57). I struggle to hit sub 19s 5k (where i was a consistent 18:30 or better).

This is a long way to say, pick the sport you like the most, and hit it harder. The other one will follow, but at a lower speed.

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For some reason, running seems to be a good sport for shorter people.
I know a guy. He maybe about your height and weight. He is super quick. He has done 16 5ks and in January finished a 1:12 half marathon.

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MY $.02…I’d go with a bike program and just layer easy runs in addition it. Since you have no specific run goals right now, just run frequently and easily. Would be similar to adding more volume to a bike plan by adding in workouts such as Petit.

Add in as many as you think you can sustain. Once you have more defined running goals, you can adapt your plan.


I am on the same page as @Power13.

I combine the SSBHV and SuPBMV plans with running. The latter I do about three times per week. Two shorter (30-40min) runs and one longer (70-90 mins) run. All the runs I keep in Z1/Z2. Distance around 30k.

It has worked quite well for me so far. The FTP is steadily going up (4.6 w/kg) and my running is steadily getter faster, and most importantly, no pain or injuries.

So yeah, by all means, it’s doable. Your tri idea should also work quite well. Thinking about doing that as well. Though cannot wrap my head around the chaotic TSS columns. :joy:


Great advice here. Ok so i will go for a standard cycling plan low volume. Add a easy run and a interval session if i have the legs, This will probably get me slightly better at running while getting a lot better at cycling, perfect!


I think the important thing with running is being light…and if you are short that is a lot easier! Doesn’t help with TT though - I have a better w/kg than a lot of the guys who beat me in flat TT’s as absolute watts and Cd rule unfortunately :laughing:

Ha…I wish it was easier… I’m 1.68m and weight 69kg… So not that easy!

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