Trainer mat “ripe” for replacement

I got a cheap Minoura trainer mat two years ago, and for some reason the thing is not water, well, sweat proof. Instead, it became like a sponge that soaks up all my sweay goodness. It even retained some of the bath cleaner I used to get rid of the smell. So it acquired an odor, shall we say, even though I did my best to wipe down everything after every trainer ride.

I’d like to replace it. Do you have some recommendations? I’ve seen yoga mats thrown around, but these are even spongier, me thinks.

PS My trainer mat rests on spongy rubber tiles to absorb the vibrations and make sure my downstairs neighbors have a good rest.

What about straightforward rubber mat? Like what you would use on the floor for darts. Loads of thicknesses and widths available and can buy by the length.

I have this one for the last 2 years

inexpensive, sturdy, does the job.

i got this one… So far so good


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BBQ mat for me. Cheap and cheerful. Rolls up tight and flattens out easily enough.

Vinyl from JoAnn fabrics. Cheap, various thicknesses. Waterproof.

If you sweat a lot, toss an old towel on the floor underneath. Then you can wash that towel occasionally.

I’ve always been happy with an inexpensive yoga mat. It should last a good few years and is reasonably waterproof.

I plan to add more towels to the mix. I just assumed that trainer mats were water proof and it would suffice to wipe off the sweat afterwards.

Thanks everyone for the input. I’ll see what I can get here in Japan.

I used one for a while. But they tend to be not wide enough.
The Threadmill mats are similar but much wider.

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, I just checked out a very similar mat at Home Depot and it seemed very porous. Is yours that way? I have concerns about being able to wipe up the sweat from the crevices so it doesn’t smell.

@joelrivera, is the mat you use from Amazon smooth or porous? I want to ensure I can wipe up all of the sweat so that none becomes stuck in the material. Thanks!

No porous… You can wipe it clean…

Water over it


@Joelrivera, thanks! I think I’ll order tonight.

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Looks like a crime scene … :smiley:

Saw you ordering the one from amazon. mine is not porous, no smell. good luck with your purchase

I have nice wooden flooring in my bike room, so have placed a LARGE vinyl sheet where I train and work on my bikes. Got a vinyl sheet that looks [at a glance] like wooden flooring, so goes with the room. Really inexpensive.