Training Mat for Workout Room

I am looking for some suggestions on some training mats! I just moved into a new home and have an office/training room. I’m looking for suggestions on some sort of mat that I can put down in half the room to put my bike on and to exercise on (kettle bells and body weight stuff mostly. I use Dialed Health’s programs). The house is on a crawl space so I don’t want to wake up everyone else in the house with my early morning workouts. Does anyone have suggestions for something that might work?

Horse stall mats work well if you have a local business that sells them. They can be held together underneath with roof truss/nail plates


I have a generic mat from Amazon, $25 USD, 3 x 6.5 ft. Pics and the rest of my cave (i.e. storage closet) are here.

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I like what they use in commercial gyms, the interlocking flooring.

I haven’t used them, but that’s what I would look into. Home Depot has some that are 0.75” thick.

For the trainer I would lay another movable mat underneath. Liquids happen, so something over that seems like a good idea, such as the trainer mat from wahoo, saris, kurt kinetic, etc.

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I use these, and have about a 10’x10’ area covered which supports my rollers, Kickr, and my wife’s Peloton.

They work great.

I sweat a bunch, so I place some towels under the trainer (or rollers) when I’m riding, then toss them into the laundry with my kit.

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