Training inside when the air is bad outside

I live in Denver where we’ve got some pretty bad air today due to Canadian wildfires. I don’t currently have a way to monitor my indoor air quality, but I do have the HVAC fans running with high quality air filters.

Does anyone have insight as to, in my circumstance, how good/bad my air quality could be inside, and whether or not it’s healthy to get on the trainer?

No direct answer, but I found several topics covering smoke and air quality:

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Get yourself a HEPA filter for the room.


This, I’m also in the area and bought two of these when we had that terrible fire season a few years ago. I want to believe that they make a difference. I’ll likely be in the basement pain cave tomorrow unless AQI improves significantly.

The big issue is ultra-fine particles that your HVAC - unless it has a HEPA filter or equivalent- won’t filter out. As was suggested, get a separate HEPA filter for your workout space. I would also suggest just doing endurance efforts as a way of reducing the amount of air you are breathing and the amount of potential fire particulates you are inhaling.

We had this same problem in SF several years ago from all of the NorCal fires.

They do. I have an indoor air quality monitor and the air purifiers make a noticeable difference in the PM25 readings when I turn them on, even if I leave the windows open.