Smoke and air quality prediction app/website?

Hey all,
I’m planning on doing LOTOJA next weekend but in general the smoke in Utah has been horrible (see previous podcast) and I know it has been just as bad in the surrounding states.
As of this year I have been seeing a pulmonologist for my breathing issues and I basically have a no-go to ride or race when the air quality is anything but very good. I have been monitoring air quality every day for training through and our local weather stations. However, I haven’t really found anything that does a long range smoke forecast or air quality forecast. Do any of you know of something like that? I’m sure one of the weather services has something you can check airflow, but in my searching I haven’t found it yet. It would be nice to know what the general trend might be before the race so I know whether to go ahead with it or just bag it.

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The local meteorologist here in Jackson Hole usually includes smoke conditions in his forecasts. Since you’re doing LoToJa, I suggest keeping an eye on that website and PurpleAir, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to get a forecast for more than a couple days out.

Thanks a lot for that link. I have a feeling specifically in Jackson will be more important to pay attention to than North utah. My big concern is I have to cancel the hotel a few days before the race if I don’t want to pay lol. But yeah, I’m finding it hard to get anything more than a day or two prediction 😵‍💫
Edit: where do we find the ask a meteorologist podcast?

For what it’s worth, since July we’ve had maybe 10 days of good AQI here in Jackson, so I don’t think the chances of having good AQI next weekend are good, unfortunately (especially with this new fire in Idaho).

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I use don’t know how accurate the forecast is.
Windy: Wind map & weather forecast


iPhone. Weather App.

Set the city.

Scroll down.

And ta da…

i’ve found the default weather air quality to be horrifically undershooting the value relative to purple air / iq air fwiw

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I usually check three sources at once and try to harmonize the three readings/maps. Sometimes one will say it’s red but because of ozone, which is better not far away, while another will say what it will be later, unlike the others. It’s like a game trying to figure it out :woozy_face:

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