Training Frequency

How often should you train and recover. If you are training with TR 3 to 4 days per week should you do short or long recovery rides between trading days. I see Pros & Non-Pros riding 5 days a week. Maybe 3 training days & 2 recovery days. Is this to much or should you just rest completely on non training days. Thanks in advance

It kind of depends for me - early in my training I feel like I need more days completely off (so ride 4-5 days, with 2-3 days rest), but later in the season as my fitness goes up I get more towards 6-7 days of riding per week (or even 7 if 1-2 of those days are fall-asleep-on-my-bike easy). I think what’s helped me is to just focus on making sure I get to those (for me) 2-3 key workouts a week in a good rested state, then anything else I can do on top of that is gravy.

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