Training for the longest climb I've ever seen

Thanks! It is definitely going to be an awesome experience!

The climb is paved the whole way up, and the road is in really good shape!

As far as pacing goes, I am 100% just going to follow the BBS plan on my bike computer. I am sure with starting the ride 8,000ft lower than where I have been training for the last two months, I would totally go way too hard at first and crack myself half way up.

I am working with an online site that ranks the hardest climbs around the world (They have La Muerte ranked as the #3 hardest climb in the world), and they are covering the cost of a support car to follow me up the road, so I will be all set on having layers for the weather. Check out their site if you want to read about some seriously insane rides!


@HMITCHR - Good Luck! Carbs are King!

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