Training for gravel run + ride events

What do y’all think about choosing plans for some of the newer run + ride events like Mid South and Gravel Worlds have?

Mid South - 50k offroad/unpaved run followed by 100 mile gravel ride the next day

Gravel Worlds - 50k offroad/unpaved followed by 150 mile gravel ride the next day

I’m guessing the strategy is to be as efficient as possible for the run and put your eggs in the bike basket the next day. There’s so much more time to be gained by working in a group on the bike than turning the run effort up 10 bpm.

It seems like following a gran fondo/gravel/century (the naming schemes really need to align between resources) and adding run volume on top of that makes more sense than following a triathlon plan and dumping the swimming since the bike efforts will/should be different. Or maybe a rolling road race plan plus adding your own running?

What do you think? I would like to put in a good effort in August since I don’t anticipate getting back into triathlon and it fits well with my Oregon Trail in June and Cross Country Marathon type races in the fall.

38 y/o male, On TR since nearly the beginning. Good history with med/high mashup plans. ~10 hour IM as recent as 2019. COVID toasted my lungs pretty hard in 2020 and my running has been pretty weak since…but I also haven’t done any intensity or longer runs since then.

Or maybe follow a tri plan and replace the swims with Z2 rides? :man_shrugging:

Hmm, that’s certainly not something I would have thought of. Cool ‘out of the box’ idea.