Training for Assault on Mt. Mitchell

Any recommendations for a training plan for the Assault on Mt. Mitchell in May.

Here’s my tip… the ride TO Mt. Mitchell is harder than the climb OF Mt. Mitchell itself. I’d stick to Base>Build>Specialty, and do either ‘Rolling Road Race’ or ‘Century’. Either would prepare you, IMHO.

and p.s. don’t underestimate the temperature changes you may encounter. Start could be warm and humid. Top of Mitchell could be snowing and cold AF.

Thanks for the advice. It is my first attempt at mt. michell and I do not want to be one of the 25% that drops out before the finish.

I don’t have any experience with this race in particular, but from what I was able to glean from their website, the ideal training progression would be:

Base: Sweet Spot Base
Build: Sustained Power Build
Specialty: Century

This is assuming that your effort over the course of the event is more or less constant, and you won’t have to deal with countering attacks, breakaways, or other types of intense surges. Just a constant and powerful grind :boom:



Agree with Bryce 100%! You can totally build up to this!

I have teammates who’ve done this ride, and they’ve tried to convince me to join them. It’s in the middle of road race season, so it’s almost never in the cards. It’s really less of a race, and more of a fun/personal accomplishment ride. Lots of stops, and SAG support.

The one thing each of my teammates have said - Bring enough gears. Go with a bigger cassette, and you’re doing yourself a huge favor.

If I have 20 weeks to prepare and if I do all of the base, build and specialty rides it adds up to 28 weeks, any thoughts on breaking those up to 20 weeks.

Here is the Strava segment for the climb:

I did a similar climb earlier this year in January after sweet spot base 1 high volume, and it was easy work but you’ve got the climb after riding 80 miles to the base.

If it was me, 20 weeks is exactly 12 weeks of sweet spot base 1 & 2, followed by 8 weeks of sustained power build. Your choice on volume. I’d also be substituting long outside rides every other weekend or so.

Absolutely. Having those extra gears will allow you to stay in your aerobic zone regardless of the road’s grade :boom: