Training for an event that's 390 TSS

Hi Everyone,

I added a goal event for next year in the new calendar. The Barn Burner MTB in early September, 2019 in Flagstaff, AZ. The calendar estimated that the event would be a 390 TSS effort. I’ve done the TrainerRoad Training process before, but wanted to know how could I make sure my training leads me up to a 390 effort, not just 390 tss/week?

Also, side question. What would be a good way to compliment a Low Volume plan with extra volume in the weekends? I can’t really take a lot of time to be consistent during the week due to travel, but do have extra time on the weekends.


In April this year, I did a flattish road ride that scored 369 TSS. My 6-week average for the week before was 476 TSS. (The ride week was a 478 TSS week.) Based on that, I’ll suggest mid to upper 400s is probably adequate. YMMV. It’s entirely possible you’ll be fine with less depending on your general fitness.

In July this year, I did another, climby road ride at 216 with a 6-week average of 483 (while not easy, I never felt overstressed). A couple of weeks later a flat ride at 232 with a 6-week average of 499 (where I forgot sunscreen and didn’t realize until about half way and suffered heat and sunburn issues for much of the ride).

I’m preparing for a 3-day group ride later this month estimating 150-ish TSS a day, though that’s a best guess. Could be a little more or a little less. By plan, I’ll be at 417 six-week average before the rest week before the ride week. I’m not particularly worried. (I’m supplementing a LV plan with extra 60-90 minute endurance workouts when possible and a long ride on the weekend.)

Regarding complimenting a LV plan, if you’re looking to cram all the work into the weekend, I think the coaches would recommend against that. If you’re doing the LV plan workouts during the week, see my approach above, which I stole from something the TR Trio recommended on one of the podcasts. :open_mouth: :wink: