Training focus for event

While I have the luxury of a TR subscription and a smart trainer, a friend of mine does not. I have used the TR plan builder to prepare for the 250km/4700m Alpine classic ride. He has only recently decided to enter the 200km/3600m event with limited preparation (no hills and longest ride of 100km)
With just over 4 weeks until the event, should the focus be on aiming for increasing kms or long sustained hill repeats? Interesting discussion on our ride this morning.

4 weeks out isn’t enough time to accomplish much. Focus on being consistent over the next 4 weeks but don’t build too much fatigue.

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It needs both, but he needs to watch out for overdoing things in the next 4 weeks. I agree with @Cory.Rood - consistency is the best prep he can do.

I think from an experience/pacing/confidence aspect, he definitely needs to do at least one lot of 2x20 minute hills between now and the Alpine (if you are in Melbourne, think Dandenongs or Kinglake climbs).

If he can beg/borrow/steal a trainer for the next few weeks, he could perhaps do some sweet spot sessions midweek, with longer z2 rides outdoors on the weekends. You could send him a TR referral code.

Although honestly, with that kind of background and limited training time remaining, he may be better off choosing the 130 or 140 km options (Falls or Buffalo&Beauty) - with an alpine climb and both sides of Tawonga, these are pretty tough challenges in themselves, but without the sheer grinding down of the legs that 2 alpine climbs brings.

Still trying to decide whether I will do the 200 or 250 option.