Training for 50m/80km TT's

My main goals this year involve 50 mile time trials. I’m wondering which plan I should use. I’ve basically decided to do the 40km plan with either mid or high volume and enter loads of 25 mile TT’s as training for the 50’s. Sound like a good plan?


That sounds like a great plan! Depending on how long these 50mi races take you, the pacing for them may not perfectly reflect the pacing you’d use for a 40k TT, but the workouts will prepare you well.

This could also be a great resource for you for planning your season :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Bryce! That page was really straightforward and helpful.

I think I’ll stay with my 40km plan for the first 50TT (80km) then switch to the century specialty plan for the next 2.

Got to drive straight to a gig on bari sax after the first one so that’ll be more of a challenge than the race!

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Right on, good luck with your season! :boom:

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