Training for 300km ride next June

So im wondering, how might someone create their training plan for a 300km audax/brevet ride in june 2024, if they have no experience with ultra distance rides?

My main concern is winter time, people who want to do that ride (colleagues from work) do not own indoor bikes and trainers, maximum they can do is join the gym or ride outside until it gets too cold for them.

Since we are not going to push to go fast on that brevet, i was thinking Z2 rides would be the best (start with maybe 2x20km a week plus 1x50km over the weekend and gradualy increasing that by like 10% a week). So use the winter to build a base. And then, maybe in march, start with some SweetSpot rides and some climbing on top of that.

Gym they can do whenever (squats, deadlifts, core workouts).

Am i seeing this correctly or there is something else better than that?

This is an eating and comfort contest. I stepped up to 320km this year and then 640km a few weeks ago.

If you want to use trainerroad, I would set up a low volume climbing or road race knowing you need to pack on the volume. Do the intervals but always try to extend a ride. Plus add some extra volume in the beloved z2.

Get yourself acclimated to many different foods from gas stations. Train before the sun comes up or after it set if you think that will be a concern. Consider clip on aero bars for comfort (and speeeeed)

I ride quite a lot of audax rides, I’ve found two intensity workouts a week are enough (audax rides aren’t races) with the rest of your riding endurance based. Try to get longer rides in at the weekends, outdoors if possible as you will find dealing with weather is also trainable.

One strategy that has worked well for me is to use both days at the weekends to build up the total distance, so maybe a 100km/50km split to start and then work your way up towards the 300km total. It’s surprising just how quickly you adapt if you are disciplined and don’t go nuts on climbs etc.

Once you get up to riding 200km, get comfortable at that distance and then a one off 300km won’t feel that much harder on the day.

Watch the gym work, too much heavy lifting will hamper your bike sessions, there’s another thread on the forum (people posting their strength routines) and there’s some good advice in there towards the end of the thread about just how much you actually need to do. I’ve used the Dialed Health program and found it to be good (if a little bit expensive) but once I’d learned what and how I need to do strength work I now do my own thing.

Volume , just to prepare your body for that long on a bike is King for something like this. Good luck with it, you’ll likely find it’s a strange world at times audax but very inclusive and addictive.


Thanks, but i already know how addictive it is. I just finished PBP a month ago, but i have been building up for last 2-3 years to that distance, thats why i want too see what can be done for people who werent.


Progressive increase in volume with a light sprinkling of intensity. It’s really going to depend on how much time they can dedicate and how often. But whatever you do they need to get used to time in the saddle and outdoors.

It’s always best to start last weeek :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but what you’ve suggested sounds good.

My other thought would be getting them riding now, and doing 100k ride in October and every month.

The very first one is going to be horrible, but by the time it gets round to May, they will have a lot more experience of at least doing those.

I would also be thinking of those days in January and February when the roads are too icy to be safe in he mornings, so if a long ride gets missed then they’d done October November and December already.

For strength training I’d suggest doing a plank every day. Getting their core strength up so they can hold a plank for 5 minutes will really help a long summer ride.

This is good advice. I’d also add that you should advise them early about how to manage food and water. My sense is that many inexperienced folks don’t consume enough during audaxes or go with weird snacks like nuts which provide no carbs. Maybe offer some simple suggestions like: put a softdrink or juice in your bottle(s) and fill up with water, eat salt eg crisps, eat high-carb food during breaks, take haribos, etc

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