Training data invalid, how to recover?

I’ve sent this into support as well, but I thought it might be an interesting topic to discuss as well.

My power meter is usually paired to my Elite trainer through PowerMeterLink keeping the two in sync, so I know I’m getting good workouts indoors…normally.

However I recently noticed my power meter battery died, as I didn’t get any notification I don’t know when this happened. I’ve checked the pairing and the trainer without the PM has been reporting 20W too high. Now Adaptive Training will have noticed I was succeeding all my workouts, but maybe have noticed my heart rate was much lower for the same power.

Also, now the validity of my workouts has been thrown into question, and my FTP which was automatically calculated, how do I get AT to recalibrate or reject the invalid data…proper FTP test?

Because I have been focussed on running since November I really wasn’t bothered how hard bike sessions were, but I had started to think my HR was much lower than I’d expect for the power output. It’s so disappointing! I just tried Grays, 2x20 at FTP and died on the first one :man_facepalming:t2:

You can find which power meter source that had been used for each workout in the details.

from there you should be able to find out when things “went north”

As for the FTP setting I would bump it back 15-20 W and use progression levels to work up from there. Usually it takes a couple of threshold/VO2max workouts to find out if the FTP setting is reasonable or not. At Endurance/Tempo you will “only” be working a bit too hard compared to the intention of the workout (but they will most likely be doable). Sweetspot easily becomes threshold for some (which doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing but requires more recovery).

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Good idea, sadly I didn’t mention that all my workouts are synched to Garmin and run from there not the app, so I can’t do this.


@NLC Although I couldn’t do that, you did make me think and I found that although Garmin doesn’t display the source I was getting L/R torque and L/R balance on Feb 15th and 20th but not on Feb 21st doing Tray Mountain -2 or on Feb 22nd, 23rd or 24th.

So only two months training at -10% power then.


Cheers for helping me get to the bottom of it. I think I’ll have to delete my calculated FTP from March and go back to the mid January value down about 5%. Then retest.

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Great! I tend to use a similar appraoch when after the fact trying to figure out which road bike I used for some rides - one has Vector2 pedals (with standing/seated and power phase data) one has P2Max spider.

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