Slap some sense into me, please

I’ve got my FTP test tomorrow. This test will mark the start of ‘proper’ training for my A Race in October (fingers crossed…)

Just to be absolutely clear, I’m not worried or concerned about the number I achieve, rather the accuracy and usability of that number.

As I recently invested in a Stages Gen 3, left side only power meter, I’ve noticed something that simply doesn’t make sense, in regards to me and my ability at least. My weekend ‘endurance’ rides are reporting back via the TR calendar with IFs between 0.88 - 0.93. That’s not endurance and I’m pretty certain I can’t hold that intensity for 3+ hours. So something is off. I have Zero reset the Stages and updated the firmware but that made no difference.

Nice problem to have, hey? Not really as I ‘think’ I’m training in zone but who the hell knows? It feels like endurance and I’m not shattered but as these rides become longer, the data could be even more out of whack.

What do I do? Use my Flux 2 trainer for indoor consistency or test using the Stages? I’ve watched the @GPLama Stages Gen 3 YouTube review and I get the impression that it’s a pretty reliable device. Plus, only using the one device would ensure indoor and outdoor consistency, right?

It seems so obvious but my mind is all over the place. Slap away :laughing:

How are you tracking the outdoor rides? A Garmin?

If the ftp setting in that device does not match what you use in TrainerRoad, the IF will reflect that. I ran into this issue after starting to use a smart trainer and saw my outdoor rides showing up with an IF over 1.0.


your FTP needs to be set correctly to get a correct IF. Do your ramp test using the PM you will use when outside, then base your training zones off that number. If your FTP is set lower than it actually is, you will get a falsely inflated IF(and TSS)

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Test using the Stages and powermatch with the Flux and and use powermatch with Stages and Flux during TR workouts. That will ensure consistency between indoors and outdoors. Otherwise you’re still in the same boat where there are differences between indoors and outdoors and you don’t know which is ‘right’.

Your Stages probably reads a little higher than the Flux. If your FTP (and IF/TSS) are based on the Flux you would see inflated numbers outside. Using the Stages indoors and outdoors would give you a consistent FTP and be able to compare IF/TSS between indoors and outdoors.


I have this exact scenario, with a Stages and a Tacx Neo 2. I use powermatch and make sure to adjust my Garmin’s ftp setting when it changes in TrainerRoad, and my outdoor rides are in line with my indoor sessions.

Yes, I’m tracking via a Garmin and you have raised a great point. I’ll double check this, thank you :+1:

I will give this a shot, thank you :+1:

If the wattage numbers are basically the same between your Neo and the Stages, then Quadzilla hit the nail on the head…your FTP setting is off in Garmin Connect and doesn’t match TR. They need to be the same number so the data analysis metrics match.

I just increased my FTP last night in TR, but then had to go to Zwift and Wahoo to update my FTP on those sites, as well.

If you have a left / right split like me (56/44), you could be getting power numbers a solid 12% high from your left side meter.

For rides in the 2-3 hour range, that would be about the right “off” factor for your high endurance, but mostly tempo rides.

Or else your power meter thinks you’re on 130 mm or 200 mm cranks. Can’t remember which one gives higher numbers…

I wish I had a Neo :wink: I’m using a Flux 2.

As recommended, I checked my Garmin and it was off, by 8 watts. Not a country mile but if I’m after accuracy, it all counts.

Strava is set correctly :+1: