Trainerroad Youtube Ad

Dear everyone,

I just noticed an ad for trainerroad on youtube. It sounds like Coach Chad is the speaker - really cool.

Maybe one hint to the trainerroad team: I am not sure google can consider this but showing me this ad is not worth the money, since I am a loyal and happy subscriber. Maybe google can not show the ad to existing trainerroad customers?

Ride on and keep up the great work,



Yeh that happens to me all the time with various products I have…no need to sell it to me again as I’ve already bought it.

It’s bad enough that they know you’re interested in cycling and feed you such targeted advertisement.

Be grateful they don’t know you’re already a subscriber, that would signal an even greater loss of privacy.


That’s not how the advertising algorithm works, so your stuck with ads like that I’m afraid.

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I mainly get adverts for Dominos :smirk:


I love it when I get ads for products I love. Makes that 5 seconds until I can click the button go by WAY faster.


why nobody is sharing the ad link, I would love to see it (did a youtube search and didnt see anything new)?

When the company I work for really started ramping up our ad presence I got a ton of ads for the product I was making. Our marketing guy told us we would really only pay when someone actually clicked through, so he kept reminding us to not click through the ads :joy:

Yeah, that can definitely blow your ad budget fast if everyone at work starts clicking the ads. You can also define excluded IP ranges so that people in your building never see the ads, which is a good practice.

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youtube has ads?


It depends on the county and device type. Maybe you are using an Ad Blocker in your browser.