Trainerroad website issues

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This loop is ultimately happening when you’re hitting the “Log In” button, which is shown by default on pages of this nature on our website. You don’t need to hit that as you’re are actually still logged in (as we can see that once you do, it automatically logs you out of TR/Forum) BUT we’re looking into the best solution to avoid this confusion/fix that loop. Thank you!

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Ok, very well. Thank you for the effort. But how do I actually then get to my profile page? When I follow the link on top I cant access my profile without first logging in (which leads to being logged out from the forum).

Following the link on topp, ignoring the log in and clicking f.e. On Calender leads me to the broad page about calender functions for non-subscribers… but not to my own calender. So: i am forced to actively log in.

Earlier I appreciated to just click on the link on top of the forum and be directly in my profile having easy access to all functions.

Now there is always the need to actively re-login to TR.

The forum might not be the best way to get to your career page.
I recommend either bookmarking your career page URL, or, if you just open a new tab and type in, as long as you’re logged in, it will redirect you to your career page. :+1:

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It worked nicely before the change of the link :wink: