Trainerroad user's tattoos

Hey guys. I got a new tattoo today, and the artist told me to stay off the bike for 3 weeks (!). This sounds rather ridiculous, so I’m missing today and getting back at it tomorrow. I dont think an arm tattoo will be affected by riding a bike indoors!

It got me thinking… what tattoos do you folks have? I’d imagine there might be a fair few Iron Man ones :wink:

Photos are encouraged.

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I had this done a few months ago. I had to stay out of the pool for a few weeks but was back on the trainer after 24 hours.


Left calf. Pedaled 40 the day after. A little sore but no big deal.


I’ve had a few larger pieces done and was told nothing that comes out through my skin will affect the tattoos. All 3 pieces were two day sits about 3-4 weeks apart. Tiger and dragon on each side of the ribs…geisha, swan, and koi 2/3 sleeve.

I exercised regularly while they were all healing and never had to have a touch up on them.

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Full sleeve and half sleeve. Both black and gray Japanese style. Full sleeve is a Tiger and Snake. Half sleeve is a couple of Foo Dogs.
I think the main concerns with biking while healing a tattoo are bacteria from sweating,
and when you get to the crusty/flaking stage, letting the “scabs” get soft from sweat.
As long as you keep it clean after a workout, and pat it dry every so often while working out, you should be good.

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Still waiting for the guy who has “SHUT UP!” tattooed on his thighs. :flushed:
I’ll search for the pic in the meantime…


Ya I see no reason to not ride for 3 weeks… unless your tat would be like on your taint… or right where your bibs are rubbing.
I’ve got a half-sleeve of space stuff (my major was Astrophysics in college), and some bits here and there like a pillow on my chest (it’s where my wife falls asleep :heart_eyes:)
Cycling and cycling related:
Got the shut up on my thighs

And I have the equation for Work on my hand, this one is to do with everything not just riding. “What work am I going to put in today to get where I want to be tomorrow” it’s an easy reminder on the bike when in the aero bars for sure


I’ve got quite a few tattoos but nothing cycle related yet. I’ve never not trained after having one. Even the next morning.

One of my more recent ones is on my forearm and I went MTB riding a few days after having it done and pretty much fell off first trail straight into the mud landing on my new tattoo. Crapped myself as not long ago had a terrible infection in exactly the same place due to an mtb crash. Luckily no ill effects!


Plus my back and legs which you can’t see in this pic.


Glad you clarified that :rofl:

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When i got this tatt done, i was told to avoid sweating too much especially during the scabbing phase. I used to work in a restaurant, hot grille, middle of summer, wasn’t easy.
And i guess hard to reach area + sweat + rubbing clothes mean it’s not taking as much time to heal as it should.
But i kept it to a mininum and that was about hmmm…12-13 years ago; it still looks quite good! So i’d say don’t sweat it too much…literally ahahha



I have two others but this one is my most recent and it’s obviously cycling related. I took it from a Japanese poster advertising a keirin race.


I love the tattoo on your hand. Brilliant idea.


i don’t have this one, but i want it!