TrainerRoad Themed Rocking Trainer

Well after going through 4+ hours on teh trainer a few weeks ago and having whatever bones in my butt feel sore for a few days, and with more on the plan, I figured it was time to figure something out. So I built up @mcneese.chad 's rockit trainer. While I could have just painted it black, I feel like what @Nate_Pearson, @chad , @Jonathan & the @trainerroad team have provided me in training over the past 9 years has garnered them a little fanboy status on my part, so went a little extra step further.


Good luck on your part that you did this right after a logo change!

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Looks so great! Nicely done.

For rocking, I recommend considering some inflatable playground style balls for the leveling springs. They allow great ranges of adjustment and I really like the feel compared to the foam I used in the past.

How do you like it so far?

@Nate_Pearson. Here’s a new travel trainer for you that is MTB friendly.

Really good, The only foam I could find was the large (2.25") open cell air conditioning foam. I stacked two of those on top of eachother, 12" on the side to the right of the hinge (where the other supports are also screwed in), and 9" to the left. Seemed like a lot when putting it together, but after riding on it, it still had enough flex in it to be comfortable. . Might try pairing it down a little bit just to allow a little movement. When I only had a 3-4" chunk, that foam was too pliable and found myself leaning to one side. With more it keeps it centered better but allows the movement.

PLayground balls, like these. 8.5"?
LInk 1
or smaller, like this? Link 2

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haha yeah depending on what page you go to you still see the older logo, but just liked the new one so went with that . Probably wouldn’t be too bad with the old one those as the swim/bike/run ones had almost an equal amount of detail for the masking job before paint.

Those are a bit big and small, IMHO.

Here are some I like:

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wow, that looks amazing!