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How do you recommend working in virtual races with a mid / high volume plan?

I finished a long block of Sweet Spot Base training and am in the rest week. Since my sprint power is poor (um, non-existent) and I’ve never really worked it before, I plan to do Short Power Build next. I’ll follow the high volume plan but will have to truncate the endurance portions of the longer workouts during the week to get to work on time.

For various reasons the intensity days will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (i.e. default plan). Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are for weight lifting and the prescribed recovery rides (maybe shortened a little due to work). This fills ups the week.

I tend toward longer events such as centuries and Fondos, so it was easy to plan training blocks to coincide with one of those events. I don’t have any experience scheduling in a recurring weekly race into a structured training plan in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the following hard workout.

Thanks in advanced!

I am in the same place as you.

I will do the medium volume instead of high-volume. The plans are similar enough (sustained power build).

With the medium volume, I have the time to add a zwift race in addition to my 5 TR workouts.

I e just finished build and undecided if I’ll do SS base again or 40k TT specialty. I have generally done the short crit city races as I enjoy them and it interferes less with the training plan. They work out to be around 20 odd minutes near threshold so I just adjust the training for that day accordingly.
I might start doing longer races and if I do will just do the race instead of the workout, maybe add some zone 2 after if needed or time permits.


Request to join:

TR akupecz
Zwift A.F.K. Vélo (TR)

Many thanks!


Is anyone thinking/planning to do the Haute Route this weekend?


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I had considered it, but the weather is going to be too nice to stay inside for these days. So I will skip it this time.

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I’ll be there. Still too smokey for outdoor rides here in NorCal.


I’m interested but none of the times work for me.

Just requested : C. Poole NZ


Lots of trophies over the last week! Mike Owens, Enrico Magnani, D O’Connell, Chris Mellor, Square Cat, and others. Well done! #trftw


Something that may be worth some research:


Can’t wait to hear more details about this. I’d love to be part of a team! Need to practice team time trial though :wink:


I think I am going to do Friday for sure and maybe Saturday, but as rides not races due to the early start time.

I’m hoping to do the 6am PST Saturday route. I have a nice long sweet spot workout planned, so that route will lend itself to seeing how well I can do it!

Maybe I’ll join up Sat morning. Depends on air quality and outdoor riding here…

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This sounds like something that could really get the competitive juices really going. Put me down for team TR.


Request to join
TR Name: ssphillips
Zwift Name: Sean Phillips (TR)

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So last Saturday I had a 3:30 TR workout scheduled and figured why not just put in the Uber Pretzel route in there and see how far I got. End of the workout I was somewhat close to the foot of the Alpe, so I extended it and almost 5 hours in I crest the mountain…NO ROUTE BADGE!!!

Turns out the new software version messed up awarding badges for some routes, and their customer support can’t manually add them in.

So my question, next time I have a long workout and the bug is fixed, do I weight dope the crap out of my account and also lower my height to make myself the size of a small child to get the route badge I did rightfully earn? It feels dirty to be even thinking about it…but is this the right solution?

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my tentative schedule (EST) is Fri noon, Sat and Sun 9am

I hope to see some other TR riders!


I had that happen on Quatch Quest, just a two hour route for me so not a big deal, and VenTop when Z dropped 0.9km from the top. I just redid them later… but Uber pretzel is a different animal.

It wouldn’t sit well with me either way, but I don’t think I’d “dope” even under those circumstances. Seems a slippery slope to me, but that might be silly.