TrainerRoad Podcast junkie

You know when you listen to a podcast long enough, you feel like you get to know the hosts on a personal level? Like you’ve had a personal relationship with them? But in reality, its a one-sided relationship. I feel like i’m there with the TR podcast. :slight_smile:


It goes both ways. I feel much more connected to podcast listeners compared to random people that I just meet.

I feel like you “get me” right away. A lot of you have heard me talk more than my local friends have :slight_smile:.


“Get”, relate and admire. It’s surely a huge success for the business?

The Strava podcast was cringe, you guys make us long term listeners feel like we are sitting round the coffee table sorting the cycling world out.

So excited for the Ironman stuff and obsessive Nate coming out. I’ll be on the same path I hope at the same time.